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Ride 2 Remember

New Block

Ride-On for Tire life

While you ride, a protective layer of Ride-On TPS - a tire balancer and sealant containing fibers six times stronger than steel evenly coats the inner surface of your tires. This coating balances your tires and makes them into self sealing tires for LIFE 

Installed on my 2008 Ultra

Ride-On was installed in the new Michelin Commander II  Tire and an old Dunlop front time with 7,000 miles on it, 2008 Ultra.
Below is an install proceedure for front and rear.  I have only one beef and that is the requirement for my tire a 140/90 B16 77H 
was 10 ozs and the bottles contained 8 ozs.  So I am a little thin on the rear but was told by passenger the ride to Canada was smoother.  I don't know if it was because it was a Michelin or it was the ride-on.  Time will tell since I added ride-on to my dunlop on the front which had abt 7K miles on it.  I usally get 10k to 12K on a front.  I like the idea of a dynamic balance throughout the life of the tire.

June 16, 2012 

After 2600 mile reports from passenger are positive, less vibration, and 9,600 miles the tires are holding up very well. Check back for more information and the wear goes on.

Sept 17, 2012

The front time now has 13,000 miles on it, it is approaching the wear bars.  This is the most I have gotten from a front tire, and remember I did not install Ride-on until I had 7,000 miles on it.  Ride is smooth still, no degergation in ridability as the tire approched "wear out" and replacement time.

October 9, 2012

15,000 miles on a front tire!  Normally I can get 12,000 sometimes as little as 10,000 miles.  I installed a new Commander 2 tire today but the Dunlop 402 was not totally worn out by some standards, it was so close to the wear bar I thought it best to put some new rubber on it for the trip to PCB and then Daytona, for Biketober Fest, the next week.  I installed Ride-on in the new Cammander 2 so I will get the benefit of the dynamically Balanced tire for a smoother ride and I believe longer ride.  I have 8,000 miles on the dunlop tire after I installed the Ride-On.  It went to Canada and back to Georgia the week after I installed.  

What the tire looks like after it is removed from the rim, with ride-on installed.

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